Some people are born to be doctors, some maybe to be famous athletes. But what about you? Can you imagine yourself travelling kilometres to discover new location? Check out these 11 signs below and find out if you were born to travel.

Rhine valley, Germany
Rhine valley, Germany

1. Your first way when you enter book shop leads to travel guides section

You can spend hours listing in various travel guides and dreaming about your next journey.

2. When you see travel buses you are thinking where those people might go

You might think: „Where those people go? Last time I was travelling with this bus company, it was great trip. I should quickly check the best prices and find the great destination for the next weekend!“

San Marino
San Marino, San Marino

3. Your room is full of maps and your wardrobes full of souvenirs from all around the world

You still remember the happiness when you hanged your first travel map above the bed. How big space of your shelves is occupied by souvenirs and guides reminding you different places on this planet?

4. When you are searching for new job you are trying to find something flexible to be able to travel

You know that travelling without money is not possible and therefore job is necessary. Even though you have the chance of getting job you like there will be always control bulb in your head – will I have enough time to travel?

Mosel valley, Germany
Mosel valley, Germany

5. You are master in packing

Some people need days to pack for holidays. You are able to pack within few minutes and you have praxis in packing your suitcase like Tetris game. Well in the end, you just need a passport and money. Everything else you can buy later.

6. Your checklist of places is endless

If you planned to settle down after fulfilling your biggest travel dream, forget it. Once traveller – always traveller. It will be so tempting that you will be soon planning the next trip.

Bibione, Italy
Bibione, Italy

7. You contemn people who think travelling is wasting money

You are sure that travelling educates you, opens your eyes and enriches your soul – and therefore to spend money in travelling is the best investment!

8. You are home in many countries around the world because you made there friends during your previous trips

It is awesome feeling to be able to decide to travel to some destination and know that your friend, a local, will show you the best places to visit. If you have many international friends you are never lost in the world!

Grawand, Germany

9. You think that cheap ways of travelling are cool

Of course there are occasions when you want to have nice hotel and comfortable transportation. But you have the real feeling of adventure when you sleep in cheap hostel, meet locals while Couchsurfing, travel by hitchhiking or participate in some free city tour.

10. You are never bored of planning a next journey

Planning your holidays is an entertaining activity for you! Browsing internet to find the best places can be annoying for someone but you have pleasure in checking all that accommodations, transports or guide tips.

Baikal lake, Russia

Baikal lake, Russia

11. When you are travelling your biggest passion is discovering hidden places and talking to people

This is the real experience! Of course seeing the most famous monuments is interesting and tells you much about city´s history but you know that to discover the real atmosphere you need to enter the smallest streets and talk to locals.


Did you find yourself in majority of these points? Than it is clear, you were born to travel! Can you name some other signs which you think the majority of travellers share? Let me know in comments. 🙂


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