4 TOP tourist activities in Dinant

Dinant is very small, but interesting town in the south of Belgium. It is hidden in the valley located on the both sides of the river Meuse. The area of Dinant was already occupied by the Celts, followed by Romans. From the 11th until 18th of the century Dinant shared its history with its overlord Liège. The main development of Dinant took place between 13th and 15thcentury thanks to the copper-ware industry known as “Dinanderie.” Many wars occurred during the history in the town and its inhabitants suffered from hunger and epidemics. The biggest devastation in the Dinant happened during the First World War. In 1914 the most of the houses were burned down by German soldiers. Below you will find 4 activities you definitely shouldn´t miss during your visit in Dinant:

1. Climb the Citadele


Citadele of Dinant was built in truly impressive place. Already in the 11th century was the strategic importance of this place understood and castle was build here. Castle was several times destroyed during the history, the most negative event in Dinant´s history is however the year 1914, where was the small town heavily destroyed. Start your visit down in the foot of the church and climb plenty of stairs to reach the top of the Citadele which will reward you with a beautiful view. From the top Dinant seems to be even smaller. And the view of the valley and mountains, not so high though, is appreciated in the Belgium, otherwise flat county. The alternative to stairs is cable cabin. Save some time at the top to visit museum inside of the Citadele where you will discover the history of the town and Citadele itself – the exhibition is already in the price of the ticket. Behind the Citadele, small war cemetery is located as a reminder of all the victims of the First and Second World War.

Practical information:

Address: Place Reine Astrid 3-5
B-5500 DINANT, Belgium
Website: http://www.citadellededinant.be/ (French)
Opening hours: 01/04>30/09: 10.00am – 06.00pm (every day).

01/10>31/03: 10.00 – 16.30 (every day)

Fee: Adults and senior: 8,50 EUR

Children: 6 EUR


2. Admire The Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame


From the top of the citadel you could surely admire the church beneath which creates a picturesque view of the city of Dinant. The first stones of the church were put already in the 10th century. In the 13th and 14th century it was rebuild in gothic style and its interesting tower was added later in the 16th century. The history was also not pleasant to the church. First, it was destroyed by the falling rocks from the cliffs above and later badly damaged in the First World War. From the inside, the church seems even more impressive, I definitely recommend to visit it and have a rest in the peaceful atmosphere of this holy place.

3. Make a photo with saxophone


After entering of the city you would be able to recognise one special feature. It is full of saxophones. Wondering why? This lovely town is birthplace of Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone. Only few meters away from the church you can find a house where was Mr. Sax in 6th of November 1814. Have a look in the interactive museum and step for a while to the place where the idea of saxophone was created.

Practical information:

Address: 37 Rue Sax, 5500 Dinant, Belgium
Website: http://sax.dinant.be/en/sax-and-the-city/mr-sax-s-house
Opening hours: Open all year, 7/7, from 9.00 to 19.00
Fee: free


4. TRY to eat typical cookie from Dinant


While visiting Dinant you shouldn’t miss trying of the local speciality – couque de Dinant. Visit one of the plenty of bakeries in the town and choose the cookie of various shapes. However be aware of the fact that cookie of Dinant is basically impossible to eat alone! It has nice honey flavour but is extremely hard. If you want to prevent breaking your teeth better try to dip it to hot coffee or tea, than it gets a bit softer.


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